Case Study

10h per month saved of each sales rep. Website as a tool for leads qualification – our project for Capitalflow, Irish financial institution.

Can a website make life easier for sales staff? Ours can. Read how we automated lead qualification for Capitalflow. They needed a tool enabling their clients to pre-valuate financial products offered on the page.

They’ve been working with their long-term Partner on an application that enabled registration of customer enquiries and their automatic conversion into contracts.

However, before launching this new app, Capitalflow decided to rebuild their website to make it more user-friendly and attractive. This is where we stepped in.

Our task was to build an extensive information website based on WordPress that would also automate the qualification of sales leads.

The client's headache and our painkiller

We wanted to relieve the sales employees from manual reviewing of enquiries. Each sales rep has been wasting approx. 10 hours each month on this task instead of actively acquiring new customers. For the company, this meant wasting time and money.

In order to achieve this goal we created a multi-path form that automatically rejects enquiries not meeting defined requirements and transfers the matching ones immediately to the client's CRM system. In this way, the website became a real tool supporting Capitalflow sales team.

The form had to be intuitive and easy to use. Under its surface however, we hid a complex mechanism that allowed to translate complicated excel formulas into an easy-to-use tool for self-evaluation of financial services and products. 

The biggest challenge was to create multifaceted forms that would accommodate many different configuration options and integrate it with the client's CRM system. When it came to sales leads, there was no room for mistakes. Everything had to work smoothly.

On top of that we were responsible for implementing features allowing for convenient content and FAQ management and took care of data migration process.

And it went so well that we’re still maintaining and developing till this day.


With our solution, each member of Capitalflow sales team saves up to 10 hours per month to do more meaningful job which is winning new clients. They don’t need to spend hours on going through long list of leads to qualify them for further processing. Our solution does this for them.

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