Case Study

Innovative product configurator for the WooCommerce system

20% more sales with our innovative product configurator for the WooCommerce system.

The client

Our client is answering the needs of the ecommerce sites owners and answer them with modern IT development. They do have a development team of their own, but for some special projects - they reach out to us.

The Client’s challenge

The biggest challenge was to quickly develop a feature, which was broadly voted by the WooCommerce community as “the most needed feature of the 2020”.
The innovative product configurator could bring more sales to the shop owner, with the same traffic.</p<

The Configurator enables product personalization in an online store and can be adapted to suit any industry. It’s an effective tool for selling multi-variant products. See how it works.

There’s no denying that when making decisions about buying a product, customers are often overwhelmed by the number of variants that they’re offered. Thus, stores face the problem of selling products available in many alternatives in a simple, and transparent manner. In other words: what can we do so customers don't have to choose from a huge number of different models, sometimes differing only in detail. Moreover, it’s important to notice that nowadays customers increasingly expect "tailor-made" products.

What was our task?

Our task was to create a system that allows the end user to order products in personalised variants. In practice, it was a tool for defining a very large number of preferences and parameters, which at the same time would be user-friendly and easy to learn.

Such a configurator is an advanced and internally complex tool, however, the purchasing process itself should be relatively quick, as simple and as pleasant as possible.

One of the conditions was to make it visually appealing. It was important for us that the customer could see the changes he made promptly on his devices screen. Therefore, our task was to create an interface that presents various types of parameters in the most effective visual form.

Our unique solutions

We have designed and implemented the configurator from scratch. So what’s so special about it?

  • We’ve developed an advanced, consistent method of linking individualized parameters, in accordance with the actual, technical possibilities for a given product.
  • Changes introduced by the end customers are updated and presented live - for this purpose, we used our custom tool designed for generating layers.
  • How is the purchasing process finalized? An individually configured product is provided with a corresponding code, behind which the previously selected parameters are hidden, it can also be added to the shopping cart, as in an ordinary online store.

In practice

  • Example 1 - Online shop that sells roller blinds
    In this case, it was necessary to take into account the connection between various parameters: for example, if we choose an external roller shutter, it has to come from specific profiles suitable for this purpose. Essentially, each decision affects the weight and dimensions of the product, and therefore the shipping costs. All of these elements affect the price.
    That’s why we’ve created a final price calculator that converts the complete set of parameters indicated by the buyer: colour, material, length, width, and type of fittings for the roller shutter.
  • Example 2 - Online shop selling shooting vests
    In this instance the end customer needed to be able to pick preferences based on the colour, width, height, circumference and a custom print on the front in places A, B, and C and the print on the back, etc. Here, too, the technical relationship of parameters had to be taken into account, for example, the choice of a vest in red excludes the use of Kevlar et.

Benefits for our client

Our system is an effective way of presenting and selling multi-variant products. So it solves the key problem of not only stores but also their customers, who can now easily shop through easily personalised products.

The configurator is flexible. It can be used to sell any type of product and be adapted to the specifics of any industry.

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