Case Study

30 h per month saved for each sales rep of Lenart with website supporting logistics and sales

The Client

We have created a modern sales support website and a tool for effectively managing logistics and production for the owner of one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Europe - Lenart.
Through the cooperation, Lenart is saving est. 30 hours of sales rep work time per month. Read the whole story how we did it below.

First of all, the goal of the website was to function as an online showroom for products sold under the Lenart brand. Secondly, it was also to serve as a platform facilitating the management of sales, the workload of sales representatives, inventories, and (indirectly) the production of one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Poland.

The challenge of an extremely rich offer

The main challenge was the extremely wide scope and internal diversification of the Lenart Furniture offer, consisting of several product lines and hundreds of products, available in many different options . Besides, the offer was expected to be constantly changed and updated, which also needed to be taken into account. Just like the fact that product availability in individual stationary locations change day by day.

It was crucial to integrate the constantly changing data from different sources to obtain a full and always up to date picture of sales and internal logistics.

We’ve joined forces

We have created a fully responsive service based on WordPress CMS which we based on an original project prepared by a rebranding agency which we worked closely with during the implementation of this task.

But let's move on to the key functionalities and solutions that we designed and delivered. What does the system enable?

  • Primarily we created software that allows us to import/synchronize the entire product database from an external warehouse program used by our client, to the website database we had built. The efficient synchronization of these databases allows the client to regularly update information about each product, in any available model.
  • The system enables efficient management of the online offer - we designed this solution so that it is easy to assign parameters to individual products and save a lot of time. It is all the more important that the offer, in this case, is very extensive and its elements change quite often.
  • The service presents products in an orderly manner, with interactive graphics and intuitive navigation. This makes it much easier to navigate in the sea of possibilities.
  • Another helpful element of the website is an editable map of Poland, which allows users to find and set a route to a partner’s showroom or other places displaying Lenart Furniture collections. Importantly, this way users can find locations where a specific product is available.
  • Last but not least, the system also provides a panel for sales representatives, that displays inventory updates in individual stores.

In Summary

The service has been operating successfully since 2018. Our client received a tool that fully meets their expectations and market needs, tailored specifically to the industry in which they operate.

What has the client gained?

  • 30 h per month saved for each sales rep
  • A modern sales support website
  • Real-time updated log of sales and inventory
  • Data structure enabling more effective management, including optimization of logistics, processes and production planning

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