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Real-time business decisions made simple. ERP solution for 50 POS of lens retail network owner

50 showrooms all over Poland, thousands of transactions a day, 200 employees using our ERP daily, and the ongoing synchronization of large amounts of data from various systems... That’s a lot, isn’t it?! Read how we improved the sale process for Twoje Soczewki. And made the real-time business decision-making possible.

Our client needed an effective ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for full sale support, of all of their retail outlets, and comprehensive management of their logistics processes. To do it properly, we first had to get to know the client's business and understand the processes behind it. There was quite a lot to learn: invoicing, rebates, inventory control, employee schedule, and much more, but we rose to the challenges bravely and successfully! 

But then… we had to face the biggest challenge...

The Client’s challenge

The lack of real-time data on business performance in each store make it difficult to decide how to grow your business. Without data you leave the decisions on marketing, sales or logistics to chance.

Our biggest challenge was to build a centralized browser system - modern, fast, and designed precisely for specific operational needs. However, it turned out that in certain stores there were problems with access to the Internet, which at the same time made it difficult to operate the local fiscal printer.
The network infrastructure had to be first completed and modernized. That is why we decided to run centralized local servers, which communicate with the central base at specified and short time intervals. This ensures smooth data flow.
In fact, we created our own database cluster built of over 50 MySQL instances working in the Master-Master model.

What the implementing process looked like:

As always, when designing solutions for a specific task, we started with understanding the client's business. We asked questions, we talked to employees, we left no stone unturned. We also played an advisory role, improving the already existing processes and building new ones from scratch. An interdisciplinary team was involved in the project at each stage. 

We mapped the processes, then refined and polished the details, we were then able to design the system, implement it, and train employees. Of course, we also helped with the selection of the necessary hardware.
We used the following technologies and solutions: Linux, MySQL, Apache, Ansible, Luks, PHP, Javascript.


The system includes over 50 retail outlets and it is used by over 200 employees. It operates as a decentralized system, however, all peripheral branches communicate with the headquarters and exchange information on a regular basis.

The solution, entirely based on a Linux environment, enables:

  • Full support for individual customer orders and Point of Sales (POS) (at retail stores), and the support for a fiscal printer.

  • Support for all logistics processes, including full warehouse management. This also applies to sending, collecting, and receiving consumer goods at internal warehouses of branches.

  • E-commerce sales support.

  • Parallel work of many sellers and simultaneous work of many terminals with a single fiscal printer.

  • Independence of POS, in other words - the possibility of working and selling without internet access, and with delayed synchronization.

  • Managing rotas.

  • Creating reports illustrating work on various sections of the sales process.

With our system online and working, the business owners could decide on how to cut costs on logistics, or start a better performing marketing campaign.These actions have contributed to a higher revenue and a better EBITDA.

In Summary

We helped our client in the transition from the old and ineffective solution to a fully consistent, synchronized, and effective one. Individual branches now have the same equipment structure and integrated online communication infrastructure to ensure data security.

How does this system work?

The solution is built exactly to the client's requirements: in addition to a set of specific functionalities, it has been adapted to the style of work in POS and the nature of the processes. It also allows for flexible expansion during its operation, depending on the needs. We also provide administrative support for the system.

Benefits for our client

The system has been in use by the customer since 2014. It allows them to manage sales and logistics in real-time at POS located all over Poland. At the same time, it also provides a structured data stream. All this opens up the possibility of faster and more effective business decisions.

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