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Legacy code PHP developers

Your code doesn’t correspond with the latest coding standards? You find it more and more difficult to manage it? Outsource legacy code maintenance and focus on new projects.

Hire a dev team experienced in legacy code refactoring and modernization and improve the quality of your software.

Over the years, we’ve worked with many companies struggling with inherited codebases helping them generate revenue, lower maintenance costs, and reduce risk.

We can help you by:

  • upgrading PHP
  • managing / upgrading external librarie
  • migrating from
    "no framework/own framework" to Symfony or Larvel
  • asses / reorganize project architecture
  • upgrading JavaScript libraries including jQuery
  • upgrading and /migrating your database 

  • implementing proper testing

  • automating the implementing automated implementation  process (CI/CD)

Outsource legacy code maintenance

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White label PHP agency

Want to add more offerings to your portfolio or enter a new market without growing your own team? Hire a white label PHP agency and outsource web application development.

We work with software houses and digital agencies by offering them PHP devs (including full stack developers) for hire.

Our dedicated team of PHP web developers uses the best coding practices and modern technologies to write high quality white label code under your own brand.

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Compose your team

Outsourcing services

We can help you with incorporating frontend & PHP competences into your teams or to create new and qualified crew from scratch. We will take care of the whole process, so you can relax and be certain that everything is being properly done in the background, so in the meantime, you can focus on other important business.

We will recruit your employees and manage whole teams! Outstaffing has been a part of our business for years, so if you are looking for professional outsourcing - no need to look further, take advantage of our holistic services!


Incorporate frontend & PHP competences into your teams

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      Compose your own team for any task that you desire. We sublet employees 
to custom projects - ongoing and starting.

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        With a focus on web applications (PHP) in Code Provider we build digital tools and dedicated developers teams that help your business grow faster. But as a part of Provider Group, we can do much more.

        +48 513 047 793

        We answer our telephones from 8am to 4pm
        (Central European Time, UTC+01:00)

        ul. Grabiszyńska 163,
        53-439 Wrocław